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Tom Fowler is a mystery and thriller writer. He was born and raised in Baltimore and, even though he now lives in the DC suburbs of Maryland, still considers Baltimore his home. Tom’s stories feature plenty of action, snark, and flawed heroes. 

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Blood on Canvas, Chapter 1

This is the first chapter of the upcoming C.T. Ferguson novella Blood on Canvas. It will be released as part of the Dead Silent box set in January 2021. I was about to take my first bite of street corn when I got the question I’d hoped not to hear. “Mister Ferguson,...

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Spenser Confidential: Thoughts on the Trailer

The trailer for Spenser Confidential dropped recently. Let’s just say I have some thoughts.  There’s some definite star power attached here, encompassing the three male leads, the director, and musician Post Malone. But is this Spenser? Before we delve too deeply into...

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Knives Out is Terrific

Knives Out was the best movie I saw in 2019. To borrow a line from Red Dead Redemption 2, “The competition ain’t too fierce.” I think this past year saw us go to the theater less than any other. I don’t mean to diminish the movie’s excellence with this, though—it’s...

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Inside Cut, Chapter One

Below is a free preview of my upcoming novel Inside Cut. This is chapter one. Inside Cut will be the seventh crime novel in my C.T. Ferguson private investigator series. Here's the cover proof. Chapter One The arrival of spring means many things to many people. For...

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Hong Kong Dangerous: The best detectives aren’t born . . . they’re forged in the fires of their own mistakes. C.T. Ferguson has made his share.

But before he can get justice for the people of Baltimore, he has to survive a brutal Chinese prison.

Midnight Drive: It was an easy job until the client disappeared.

Now, John Tyler needs to get the smug tech executive back. He’ll need to deal with drug runners, his boss, and his very concerned teenaged daughter along the way.

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