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Hong Kong Dangerous

The best detectives aren’t born. They’re forged in the fires of their own mistakes.

C.T. Ferguson just wants to survive the Chinese prison.

He’s a hacker who lived in China and worked against the government with his friends. Things were going well until the police kicked in the door and hauled C.T. off to jail.

Surrounded by indifferent prisoners and hostile guards, he struggles to survive.

HKD Cover

C.T. wonders if he’ll be able to find a way out. Yet he refuses to rat out his friends and possibly earn a reprieve.

Despite making things harder for himself, C.T. is determined to see the outside world again. He has someone he needs to help, and he can’t allow his parents to bury a second child.

Hong Kong Dangerous is the prequel novella to the popular C.T. Ferguson mystery series. It’s the story of his arrest and incarceration in China, and how these events shaped the private investigator he would become. If you like wise-cracking sleuths, action-packed stories, and modern cyber intrigue, check out this series.

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