I’ve had a couple readers reach out to me and ask why the C.T. Ferguson mystery series is ending.

Short answer: it’s not.

Longer answer: it’s an open-ended series. I just released the fifth book, Daughters and Sons. Amazon displays this is “book 5 of 5.”

The reason is because Amazon only knows about five books.

D&S Cover
It’s 5 of 5 and 5 of x.

I recently sent the draft for the sixth book to my editor. And I have at least plots for the following three. This gets us to nine in the series, and this is only counting novels. I also have a plot for another novella, which would be the fourth.

Not counting box sets (and the subscriber-only prequel Hong Kong Dangerous), that’s thirteen titles in the series. Like I said, though, it’s open-ended. So long as people enjoy the books and want to read them, I plan to keep writing them.

C.T. has many adventures ahead of him. The series isn’t ending anytime soon. If you enjoy the books, I hope you’ll stick around.

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