The Unknown Devil

The Unknown Devil

A white hat hacker. A dark crime boss. Baltimore isn't big enough for both of them.

You’ll love The Unknown Devil because it combines hard-boiled sensibilities and tech savvy in a compulsively readable package.

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About the Book

Hacker C.T. Ferguson uses his illicit digital skills as a private investigator. When a legendary programmer vanishes off the grid, he can’t pass up the opportunity to solve the mysterious disappearance.

Soon after taking the case, he receives a visit from a notorious Baltimore gangster looking to put some heavy computing power behind his nascent criminal empire.

Turning down the ransomware gig puts C.T. on a dangerous shortlist. But it also may have just given him the clue he needs to crack his missing persons case wide open.

Following the trail of digital footprints into the real world, C.T. must decode the connection between the MIA programmer and the criminal underworld before his hometown falls prey to a high-tech reign of terror.

Series: The C.T. Ferguson Mysteries, Book 2
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Widening Gyre Media
Publication Year: 2018
List Price: 11.99
eBook Price: 3.99
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